Don't Starve Together EUROPE

Don't Starve Together EUROPE

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Sammenlign priserne på populære butikker og køb produktnøglen Don't Starve Together EUROPE (Danmark) billigt. Der er i øjeblikket 3 tilbud tilgængelige fra 2 forskellige butikker. Du kan aktivere produktet på din konto efter køb.

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Wortox Now Available! Wortox the Soul Starved has hopped his way into the Constant and is ready to get up to all sorts of fun and mischief! With this Deluxe Chest, you’ll unlock this new playable character and his entire wardrobe of three extra skins. Hyuyu! Don't Starve Together - multiplayer version of Don't Starve released as a standalone game on April 21, 2016. Don't Starve Together is an original game with content from the DLC "Reign Of Giants" and a number of innovations specifically for multiplayer games. Unlike Don't Starve, after death players turn into ghosts. In a ghost state, a character lacks inventory and the ability to pick up and carry objects, he cannot deal damage and interact directly with the world, but instead, the ghost can “disturb” a creature or object of the game world. There are 3 game modes_ Survival, Endless and Wilderness. In survival mode, players can resurrect each other, however, when all players become ghosts, a timer counting down to the re-creation of the world will start, just as each ghost negatively affects the mind of other players. In endless mode, players can be resurrected at the entrance to the world and when all the players die, the world will not be re-created. Unlike other modes in wilderness all players appear at random points on the map and when they die, the player does not become a ghost, but starts the game again. Each of the modes can be played both cooperatively and with the possibility of PvP between players.


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