HELLDIVERS Dive Harder Edition

HELLDIVERS Dive Harder Edition

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Sammenlign priserne på populære butikker og køb produktnøglen HELLDIVERS Dive Harder Edition (Danmark) billigt. Der er i øjeblikket 7 tilbud tilgængelige fra 4 forskellige butikker. Du kan aktivere produktet på din konto efter køb.

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Produkt beskrivelse

HELLDIVERS: A New Hell aims to bring an even greater challenge to players with new difficulties and new weapons. Prepare to exterminate more alien scum in the name of liberty and democracy! The art of Helldiving is rather difficult to fully master. But, with enough practice and patience, you can become quite adept in it. Thankfully, HELLDIVERS_ A New Hell brings more planet difficulties so that the game stays as difficult and challenging as it was in the beginning. An Exercise in Futility (level 13), The Definition of Insanity (level 14), and the Inner Circle of Hell (level 15) difficulties are going to make sure that even the veterans of the game can't make it out alive with ease anymore. Oh, you thought that was it? No, that wouldn't be any fun. Thankfully, HELLDIVERS_ A New Hell also brings forth absurdly powerful alien baddies which have studied the Supreme Earth and the tactics that their soldiers use. Now, they are prepared to take us head-on, so you must bring your A-game if you want to stop them. These new enemies include the Shadow, the Obsidian Observer, and the Legionnaire. The Shadow is most likely an evolution of the Stalker. A supreme Hunter that has immense regenerative powers, camouflage, and it can also release spores that will lure other Bugs to their position. It would be best for you to exterminate these as soon as possible. Was the Watcher a problem for you before? Well, now you will face the Obsidian Observer, a weaponized version of the Watcher that can use some pretty devastating attacks. Lastly, there's the Legionnaire. This enemy is more of a mobile fortress than anything else. Lots of armor and a huge heavy shield mean that this bad boy can't be taken down unless you're packing some …



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