The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth EUROPE

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth EUROPE

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When your mother believes that she hears the voice of God telling her to sacrifice you in order to show that her faith is real, you have to get away from her. So you flee into the basement of your home, only to find out that the monsters you face are both horrifying and familiar. This is the insane world of The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth. This action RPG shooter, mixed in with some Roguelike elements for good measure, will put you to the test, as each area is randomly generated to give you a unique experience for each playthrough. The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth is a true remake of the original fan-favorite game. But with the remake comes new looks, new ways to play, and more insane fun to be had. The visuals of the game have been fully remade by hand, and shown off in a way to prove their quality. Add to that new special effects, an all-new soundtrack, and more, this is much more than a remake, more like a remastering of a masterpiece. There are over 500 hours of gameplay in The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth, and each hour will test you to the fullest as you face monsters, siblings, and yes, even your mother. But don't worry, you'll have the chance to fight back with loads of items to collect and find. Plus, with the seeds you'll be able to get special abilities to fight back. Afraid to play alone? Team up with a friend to ensure your survival! All of this and more awaits you in The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth. You can get your Steam Key for The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth here, don't miss out! Key Features_ Over 500 hours of gameplay 4 BILLION Seeded runs! …


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