Undertale EUROPE

Undertale EUROPE

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Sammenlign priserne på populære butikker og køb produktnøglen Undertale EUROPE (Danmark) billigt. Der er i øjeblikket 3 tilbud tilgængelige fra 2 forskellige butikker. Du kan aktivere produktet på din konto efter køb.

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Undertale is a story-rich, comedic RPG developed and published by tobyfox on September 15th, 2015. Want to experience an immensely enjoyable and hilarious RPG that offers many secrets for you to discover, many lovable characters that will leave a lasting impression on you, and a soundtrack that will fill your spirit as you embark on an amazing journey to escape a world of very friendly and charming monsters. This is not your typical 2D RPG, and it is one of those games that have a lasting effect on you after you finish them. You play as a human that unfortunately found himself in an underground world filled with all kinds of quirky characters. What will you do? Can you find a way out and escape, going back to your old life, or will you stay trapped down here forever? Every choice you make will cause a ripple effect, and in the end, the path that you've carved for yourself will lead to you to a certain ending. Undertale is a game in which you don't have to kill anyone. Talk to your enemies, and negotiate to escape dangerous situations. If you run into a dangerous dog, try petting it a bunch of times. It may just let you walk unscathed. The combat system focuses on precision. Time your attacks just right to do extra damage to your opponent. The game takes on a top-down shooter perspective when you're trying to dodge enemy attacks, and each monster has their own unique attack pattern. Undertale features charming and original 2D art, an incredibly innovative and unique soundtrack, a beautiful character-rich story, cheerful humor, and more! There are many dogs in the game that you can pet, so what more can you ask for? Features_ Killing is unnecessary_ negotiate out of danger using …


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