Privacy policy

  1. General
    1. This website provides information about games and game CD key prices. Our main focus is in game price comparison.
    2. In order to keep your data safe, we follow European GDPR regulation.
    3. This policy applies to all our customers, users, and visitors who are using our website.
  2. Information we collect
    1. We automatically collect multiple types of information including but not limited to: IP, cookies, view time, pages visited, device information, and activity.
    2. By visiting our website you allow Google Analytics to track your data.
    3. If you're registered user, we also store all the data you input in registeration form.
  3. Cookies
    1. When using our website, we may store cookie file on your device. Cookies give us vital information about website usage.
    2. We use Google Analytics which may also store your data in cookies.
  4. How we use data
    1. Your data may only be used in purposes that are necessary for running our website.
    2. We may use your data to run analytics or studies.
    3. Troubleshooting, analysis, performing tests, surveys, and research are examples where we might use data collected.
  5. Third party sharing
    1. We don't share, sell or trade your personal identification data to third parties.
    2. We use Google Analytics for tracking visitors.
    3. We may use your email to send you a newsletter by using 3rd party platform such as Mailchimp.
  6. Legal cases
    1. If your data get requested by authorities, we will follow the instructions from authorities.
    2. We may also share personal data if law requires us to.
  7. Changes
    1. We may update the Privacy Policy anytime.
    2. If possible, we inform you at least 30 days beforehand.
  8. Acceptance
    1. By using our website, you accept Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
    2. If you don't agree with Privacy Policy or Terms Of service, please do not use this website.
  9. Contact
    1. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, you may contact us by sending email to the following address