TerraTech EUROPE

TerraTech EUROPE

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TerraTech is a sandbox adventure game set in an open-world where you get to design and create all kinds of things. Discovery, crafting, and combat seemingly blend in this game where you get to explore alien landscapes and design all kinds of vehicles, weapons, and bases. Players start their career as an Intergalactic miner. Your adventure begins on an infinite world that was randomly generated. You're looking for money and glory in the Campaign mode, you get unbridled freedom in the Creative mode, and there's the Gauntlet Challenge where you use your Techs in order to overcome certain problems within a time limit. Since Earth's natural resources got depleted a long time ago, you need to find them on other planets. But, there are others like you, doing the exact same thing. Rival prospectors can attack you in order to take something that you have and they want. Thankfully, there are all kinds of things from several Mining Corporations that you can build in order to keep yourself safe. Techs are the things that you will be building nonstop. There are many kinds of them, from powerful combat vehicles to huge resource processing bases, and even fast and capable resource gathering machines. Players can also just create a hybrid that does all three of these functions. Use your creativity to its utmost potential and create impressive machinery. The procedurally generated world sin TerraTech have all kinds of lands for you to explore. Stunning grasslands, golden and enormous deserts, and tall mountain ranges are all available. There are other biomes in-game waiting for you to discover them!

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