Dead by Daylight - Of Flesh and Mud Chapter

Dead by Daylight - Of Flesh and Mud Chapter

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You are cursed. Of Flesh and Mud is the third Chapter for Dead by Daylight. Prepare for dark hexes and flesh made out of mud and decay, if you dare enter Backwater Swamp and live through the horror it brings. A new killer - The Hag - awaits you in the waterland area and you will meet a new survivor_ Ace Visconti. A hag driven to madness by being devoured alive piece by piece. A survivor that believes luck is always on his side. A wetland with scorched shacks, an eerie mud maze and a rusting boat graveyard lays ahead of you, so tread carefully. Of Flesh and Mud is the brand new Chapter for Dead by Daylight and it includes a new Killer, a new Survivor and a map. Haunted by The Hag The unspeakable torment Lisa Sherwood endured twisted her mind and carved in the memory of pain in her bones. She had a choice, to flee or to turn on her tormentors. Her last deed drove her into darkness. From Dust to Dust Source of The Hag's power, a blackened finger used as a catalyst to her terrible power_ the Phantasm Traps. The Hag draws in the soil to set a trap for the survivors. When a survivor finds her trap, a lifelike illusion of the killer appears in front of them. Once the trap is triggered, The Hag has a choice. To enter the physical illusion when the survivors are within her reach or use it as a decoy to take down her unsuspecting prey before the phantasm collapses into pieces of dirt and mud. Killer Perks The Hag perks revolve around a new gameplay mechanic_ the Hex totems. They are focused on cursing the survivors and sapping their abilities. Ruin An ominous hex that affects …


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