Sorcerer King: Rivals

Sorcerer King: Rivals

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If you're looking for a new adventure, one that'll take you to magical lands and have you going up against armies for glory, fame, riches, and honor, then you need to look no further than Sorcerer King_ Rivals. For in this title you will be a part of an up and coming land that is making itself known on the world at large. Imbued with the magic of a shard that lies above your village, you'll be able to use its power along with the Forge of the Overlord you will be able to lead your people against the villainous Sorcerer King in a bid to free the land from his tyranny. But be warned, the Sorcerer King has many minions ones who have decimated the land and left much of it in ruins. Fear not though, for you have power too, including having learned the Spell of Ascension. A magic that even the Sorcerer King fears. For through it, you will be able to grow and learn powers and abilities that could let you lead and shape the land! What's more, the land is filled with other races who want to take the king down. Some of theme could be allies to you. Some of them could be rivals for power and need to be stopped. How you deal with them is up to you, just remember your end goal. The world of Sorcerer King_ Rivals is vast and deep, with ancient dungeons, lost temples, haunted villages and so much more than can be found, explored, and more! The world is waiting for your next move, are you ready to make it?


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