Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack

Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack

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The beauty of the game Stellaris is that you are given a massive galaxy to explore, as well as to cultivate. For in this procedurally generated universe, there are many beings that you can meet, interact with, and even battle against, it just depends on who you are as a leader and how you wish to handle interactions. But, when you're ready to take on a new species after dealing with the ones int eh game, you'll need to get the Plantoids DLC. This DLC will bring an all-new lifeform into the game that you can interact with. The backstory behind this one is simple, it's a species of plants that have gained true sentience, and through that sentience they are spreading out throughout the galaxy itself. In layman terms, the plants are coming. This species can be anywhere, and how you deal with them is up to you, just be ready, for these plants know how to handle situations. Also a part of the Plantoid Species Pack are 15 new species portraits, new art and templates that'll show off the Plantoid race and their ships, as well as brand new cityscape art. And of course, the DLC is just a small inkling of what the main game has to offer. Stellaris is a grand strategy game of grand scale, and through that, you'll discover much more than just these plants. So, if you're ready to go on a true sci-fi adventure where you never know what's coming next, head to Stellaris and its DLC.


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