The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition

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Go for the gold with The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition, the definitive special edition pack for The Elder Scrolls Online and four great DLCs full of unique and original content. This extra special bundle comes complete with the original MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the Imperial City DLC, the Orsinium DLC, the Thieves Guild DLC, and the Dark Brotherhood DLC. So take up the fight in the high fantasy world of Tamriel, from Skyrim all the way to Daggerfall. The Imperial City DLC lets players embark on an all new PvP adventure at the heart of the empire. In the Orsinium DLC, head to the snowy mountains of Wrothgar to help the Orcs rebuild their home city. Then, head to Abah’s Landing in Hew’s Bane, and join the Thieves Guild. In this DLC, players find themselves the newest recruit in a band of burglars, robbers, and pickpockets. Or, become an assassin in the Dark Brotherhood DLC. This new content takes players to the Dark Brotherhood of the Gold Coast, whose cloaked dagger can reach across the entire face of Tamriel. With The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition, players get access to all this great content. But wait, there’s more! Because players who purchase The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition will also get the Palomino mount, a unique horse so that they can ride across the planes of Tamriel in grand style. The bundle also comes with 500 crowns for new accounts to spend at the in-game Crown Store on anything your heart desires. So don’t settle for less, when The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition, and all of its fantastic content, can all be yours.

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