Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition EUROPE

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition EUROPE

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Total War_ ROME II - Emperor Edition is the ultimate edition of ROME II that showcases a greatly improved politics system, reworked building chains, rebalanced battles, and upgraded visuals for both the campaign and the battles. Emperor Edition comes with all the features and content that has been released for the game since it came out and it includes touchscreen controls, Twitch.TV integration, Mac compatibility, and new playable factions and units. The critically acclaimed Total War series makes a grand return to Rome and brings a new quality benchmark for Strategy games all over the world. Control the world's very first superpower and lead the forces of the Ancient world's most ferocious empire. Crush your enemies by all means necessary, be it with military might, economic domination, or political subduction. As you rise to power both your enemies and your allies will admire and be jealous of you. Be careful, you never know who can end up betraying you once you're at the top of the world. Total War_ ROME II has a huge sandbox turn-based campaign mode that supports 2-player co-op and has competitive modes. Running a power as large as this means that you actively have to deal with conspiracies, revolts, questions of honor and loyalty, betrayal, and so forth. Your own choices will determine what kind of fate awaits you. Amass incredible armies both on the land and on the sea and lead them against the enemy forces in order to bring glory to Rome! The game offers many different civilizations and three families which you can pick. Each of them has a distinct gameplay experience, unique units, and so on. Buy Total War_ ROME II today to experience the grand complexity of running and maintaining an ancient superpower, leading the forces of ten thousand men, battling …

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