Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2

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The Oni have returned! Now, every single slayer in the land must rise to fight off the threat! Else watch as this demonic horde devours the entire world. This is Toukiden 2, the sequel to the hit hunting game. Toukiden 2 expands upon what made the original so special, then amps up the fun and adventure to a whole new level of greatness. This demon-hunting game demands that you be the ultimate warrior, for the challenges you will face will crush those who are not ready for it. Do you think you can handle that challenge? Toukiden 2 brings intense combat, but with a twist! For you see, your hunters have the ability to target certain parts of your foe for destruction! You'll be able to chip away at them, and then get a killing blow to finish them off. Or, you can use your strikes to set up special combos! Whatever it takes to win the battle. The world that you are in is vast, and you'll be able to wander through it during your adventure. But be warned, there are Oni everywhere, and you must be ready for that. But also, you'll encounter new characters, new quests to partake, and much more. Toukiden 2 lets you build your character from the ground up with their massive customization options. Make your hero or heroine the way you want, and ensure that your appearance strikes fear into the hearts of the Oni. Also, choose the weapon class you want, as Toukiden 2 brings back all the types from last game, and adds two more! So no matter how you want to play, Toukiden 2 has you covered!

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