Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

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If you enjoyed Warcraft III Reign Of Chaos, then prepare yourself for the next adventure in the series, as one of the biggest threats the world of Azeroth has ever known is coming. The Lich King is coming. The demonic threat has been banished from the battle-scarred fields of Azeroth, but peace is still a distant dream. The epic conflict that began in Warcraft III_ Reign of Chaos continues with more units, more missions, and more explosive strategic combat. Push foes to their limits when you unleash the mighty power of the Undead Crypt Lord, Alliance Blood Mage, Night Elf Warden, or Horde Shadow Hunter. Five new mercenary heroes are also available for hire. Call in deadly Troll Bat Riders, cunning Spell Breakers, lumbering Mountain Giants, and more – including the return of naval units – as you devise devastating new strategies of warfare and destruction. In four new single-player campaigns, you will witness the epic conclusion to the stories that started in Reign of Chaos, including the fates of Arthas and Illidan–and the rise of the Lich King. Everything you liked in Reign of Chaos has been brought back for The Frozen throne, but it's been made even bigger, even grander, and even more fun. The graphics are what you expect, and more, there's more variety, which will allow you to come up with even greater strategies to defeat your foes. So, if you think you're ready, take on the Lich King, and save Azeroth from his cold icy grip.

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