Terms of service

  1. General
    1. This Terms of Service page contains information for our users, and defines the rules of acceptable behaviour in our web platform.
    2. By using our platform, you allow us to collect the required information for running this website. We may collect your email, cookies, IP address and device information.
    3. Our platform provides price information about games, gift cards, digital goods, physical goods, and software.
    4. We don't sell any products, we only provide information about games, CD keys, and product prices.
  2. Accounts
    1. User must provide us accurate information on registeration, and keep their information up to date.
    2. All users are seponsible for setting a strong password, and making sure they keep their password only to themselves.
    3. Account sharing is not allowed. Doing so may result in account removal.
    4. Everyone may only create one account. Making multiple accounts is prohibited.
  3. Content
    1. Prices are estimations, and might not be always accurate.
    2. We are not responsible for any price changes stores make.
    3. Game data or information may not be accurate. Please check the store page before making your purchase.
  4. Game rules
    1. Different icons have a different change change to appear. Some icons may only appear when under certain game rules. Game winning changes can change anytime. Prizes may change anytime.
    2. Participating is totally free, and credits cannot be bought or sold. Only 1 account is allowed per person. Creating new account(s) for gaining extra credits is prohibited.
    3. We deserve the right to remove any won prizes or credits.
    4. Obtaining prizes or credits using malicious methods is not allowed in any way, and doing so will result in account removal.
    5. If the game displays your prize incorrectly we may remove any winnings from your account.
  5. Copyright
    1. We respect your desicion if you don't want your game or data to be displayed on our website. You must use the following email address to contact us: support@cdkeyfor.com
    2. When requesting removal, it is recommended to show us proof of ownership to fasten up the process.
    3. Removal requests are processed as soon as possible. Please note that requests may take longer if we have to verify that you're the owner of the trademark or copyrighted content.
  6. Changes
    1. We may change the terms anytime. If you don't accept with the new terms, you are required to stop using our platform and website.
    2. We will try to provide information about changes at least 30 days before final changes to our terms.
  7. Contact
    1. If you have any questions regarding our terms of service, you may contact us by sending email to the following address support@cdkeyfor.com