STAR WARS - The Force Unleashed

STAR WARS - The Force Unleashed

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For a long time, there was a question that plagued the Star Wars universe. What happened in the years between Star Wars Episode III and Episode IV? For at the end of Episode III, the Empire only just been formed, and the Rebel Alliance was not born yet. But when A New Hope had come, the Rebels were seemingly in full force (pardon the pun) and seemed to be a fully unified rebellion. So what happened in between the 30 years of the films? Well, one game will tell you one version of that story. For this, is Star Wars_ The Force Unleashed. This story tells a dark tale of power, greed, and corruption, one that sees Darth Vader himself taking on a secret apprentice. A child he found while on a mission to wipe out some of the remaining Jedi. You will take control of the one simply known as Starkiller, and use his powers to forever change the Star Wars universe. For as things quickly fall apart, it's the Apprentice who needs to change his view of Vader, the Emperor, and the galaxy itself. See the birth of the Rebellion through the most unlikely of eyes. Find out how certain events took place, and how certain fallouts are felt. Plus, you'll get to see the true power of the Force itself in ways never shown through video games. Starkiller is one of the most powerful Force-wielders in the Star Wars universe. Wield his power through the light or the dark. It's your path. Plus, the Ultimate Sith Edition gives you new maps to play on, new story content, and new powers to unleash on your foes.

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