The Crew Wild Run

The Crew Wild Run

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Racing games are meant to be fast, intense, and leave you on the edge of your seat. And The Crew does just that. However, the team wanted to turn this up to the next level, so they're here to give you The Crew - Wild Run. For in this DLC expansion to the hit game, you'll be racing in an all-new way, one that takes you to The Summit. What is The Summit? Well, it's a gathering of drivers, as well as mechanics, with the goal of racing across the most epic locations this country has to offer. Plus, you'll be doing it in various vehicles depending on the location. Your skills as a driver will be tested to the limit! The Wild Run will give you Motorcyles, Drift Cars, Monster Trucks, and so much more. Each race you have to not only win, but also impress the crowd, and the drivers next to you. As if that wasn't enough, every single vehicle, no matter how large or small, can be outfitted and modified based on what you want it to be. Not enough challenge for you? Well don't worry, just getting to the races is a challenge. You see, as you travel the country, you have to go to where the races are. And along the way, you can challenge, or be challenged, to races. So there's content back-to-front here. Don't forget multiplayer though! The game has that, and you'll be able to battle friends and people around the world to prove who is the fastest. Experience the wonder of The Summit, only in The Crew - Wild Run.


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